Planning a kitchen or home renovation can be an overwhelming task. At Millstreet Kitchen and Bath, we want to make the renovation experience an enjoyable, stress-free one. By guiding you through every step and decision, we ensure that your new kitchen will be your dream kitchen.


Browse our website and come visit our showroom to see what Millstreet Kitchen & Bath has to offer, and discuss your potential renovation project with us. We offer a complimentary home visit to discuss your needs and take measurements of your space.

Planning and Design

Millstreet will create beautiful and effective design solutions for the most challenging spaces, addressing all of your needs and working with your budget.

Design Presentation

We will present our design recommendations using professional technology that allows you to see your new kitchen in 3D, so you can explore different options for the style and function of your kitchen.


At this point, we will present budgets for the supply and installation of the cabinetry as well as any required renovations.

Finishing Design Touches

Working with you, we will complete the design with accessories and final touches, and guide you with any additional purchases you may need to be make (fixtures, appliances, counters). Once the design is finalized and the completed agreement is signed, we will order your products, and track and coordinate the delivery to your home.


Millstreet will manage the entire renovation from start to finish. Depending on the scope of work, construction may begin before the cabinetry arrives. Our experienced professionals will complete high-quality work, all within a reasonable timeframe.